Increasing the enjoyment of your sex life depends in part on the overall function of your supporting body systems. Formulated with organic full-spectrum CBD hemp oil and a synergistic blend of botanicals traditionally used for male sexual body system support, Men��s Daily is offered in a highly bio-available oral spray with rapid sublingual (under-the-tongue) absorption. Improve your overall sexual health with just 3 sprays daily. INGREDIENTS: PURIFIED WATER, US FARM BILL CBD FULL SPECTRUM HEMP*, CINNAMON BARK*, MACA ROOT*, GINKGO LEAF*, ELEUTHERO ROOT*, NETTLE ROOT*, BEET ROOT POWDER*, ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL, BLUE AGAVE*, OLIVE OIL, STEVIA*, SODIUM CITRATE, CORDYCEPS. [*INDICATES ORGANIC INGREDIENT]

Karezza Men's Daily - 450mg CBD

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