Our 1:1 infused popcorn provides a balanced edible experience with subtle THC effects. Our low dose, single-serving microwavable mini-bags let you enjoy a complete bag of popcorn without worrying about overindulging unlike many edibles with small portion sizes and added sugar. Each snack-size bag makes about 6 cups of infused popcorn; a regular size bag of popcorn makes about 12 cups. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Each bag of Potcorn is considered 1 serving. Please remove the popcorn bag from its exterior packaging and follow the Popping instructions on the bag. Pop-Up Potcorn is meant to be popped in the microwave and eaten. It is important to follow all Popping instructions located on the popcorn bag. Product Details: 1 bag equals one serving Makes about 6 cups popped Nutritional value per bag: 189 calories, 26g net carbs, 4g protein Ingredients: Organic popcorn, organic palm oil, sea salt, cannabinoid extract (quantity varies per blend) No GMOs or artificial flavoring ingredients Organic, non-GMO popcorn Fairtrade, organic palm oil Pacific Ocean sea salt

Cannabis-Infused Microwave Popcorn - CBD:THC

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